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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Post an ad :


How to post an ad?


In the administration interface , you go to the menu " Manage your ads ."


Then click on " Publish a new Ad " .


And now you follow step by step , enter the information you want, insert your photos ... and click on the " Publish" button.


From there , it takes the Web Administrator to accept your ad site.




I posted an ad , but I do not see it.


Your ad is awaiting acceptance by the website administrator .




I posted an ad and want to change it .


Enter your admin interface , please choose your ad and make changes.


From there , it takes the Web Administrator to accept your ad site.








How can I earn free ads?


In your administration interface, you click on the "My sponsorship " menu.


Here you will find a link as " http://www.escortsabc.com/fr/ref/14 " . ( Do not use this link, but your own! 's Your link is different from this one) This is your referral link. Each person who registers under YOUR referral link you can earn free advertising.


Each amount spent by people that you refer to is a number of points. You can use these points to pay for the publications of your ads.




How many people can I sponsor ?


You can sponsor as many people as you want. The more you refer, the more you can earn points and get free publications!




What is a " Referral Link " ?


A referral link is to a person register in indicant you as his godfather. Every person you sponsor can bring you points.




Where is MY " Referral Link " ?


Your referral link is in your administration interface, in the "My referrals " menu.

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