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Sensoriel Massage SENSORY MASSAGE Paris

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Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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The art of communicating through touch
Be affected may be related !

Back in the capital to help you discover or rediscover my Ayurvedic massages which will provide you with a moment of well-being and a total drop outlet.

certified wellness practitioner, I offer massages
relaxing properties to completely relax and unwind your stress .

The massage I offer allows letting you go
and needs to take a step back so they favor a return to
a Zen attitude. You feel the benefits of the massage
for several days.

In an atmosphere chosen for their soothing natural music,
smells of scented candles and essential oils , you will enjoy
most of this special time .

Massage enveloping fluid , soft and harmonious Californian style
Swedish Massage , Massage creative energy which is a synthesis of
several techniques Californian , Swedish and cachmirien .
Beginning of a session of massage oil : Your sensory journey
start by oiling the body. Touches the very encompassing these
simple maneuvers are remarkable fluidity and bind together
other as parts of the same symphony. Then begins the massage
Sweet ........... or energy (depending on your needs)

Whether you choose mild or energy these massages are all
indicated in the management of stress, improving sleep , for
venous and lymphatic circulation , easing nervous tension
but also for the recovery effort .

Wrapped , cocoon , warmed , relaxed, close your eyes , and let
you win by sensations

Benefits are :
Full - Harmonization of person .
- Increased resistance to viruses and diseases.
Delay - aging.
- Increased muscle flexibility
- Elimination of toxins and fatigue .
- Improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow .
- Relax the nervous system.
Intense - Relaxation.

PS : The intention in holistic massage well being , relaxation and awareness of self and others . There is no medical purposes , paramedical or sexual

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