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Lalie We share a side of beef? Thiers

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We share a side of beef?
Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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I want a man to share wealth, luxury and travel ... Together we spend all this money in sports cars (Are you ready), jewelry (intimate) and lavish hotels ...

Happiness is like the prime rib 350 g Buffalo Grill, it is divided in two. Do you like beef? Yes ! Everything Counts per pair: ham / butter, sardine / oil, bread / butter, mussels / fries, and Battle Fontaine. My question: but where's my "half"? !

I'm tired of being a limpet on a rock. I wait for high tide to meet my "lobster" so small goldfish (not style cod I think, at least I hope for his age) well in its scales and just arrived in the great ocean of celibacy part in the meeting fish "clown" who will add to his life bubbles with laughter.

Because Batman is tired! The chases, arrests of despotic megalomaniac ... After long years of service to humanity, I hang my clothes superhero in the cloakroom. In addition, there has been as glorious in my career when I took my feet in the cape, the dog days of summer in my latex suit, not to mention the days when I spun my tights (ah I finally feel a little compassion)!

So since I have a lot of free time at the moment, why not share it together?

Messages for "compulsive hunters of all kinds" of 2000 and dating from the Stone Age, dressed in your skin and your stupid club (for those who did not understand my ad) back to your cave! ;-)

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Photos on request.



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