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Jade Pretty French Métis Paris

Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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Be transported by a gentle ocean, cuddly and feline girl at a time.

Reunion of origin, I am a young woman of medium height and slim look, with well-placed female forms and everything natural. Although my face is my main asset, it will never be unveiled before meeting.

I will be your charming hostess, your companion for an hour or overnight, as you wish.

Because I like my partner feel good, I make sure that this is so: the charm, sensuality and seduction are on the program, as well as my sweetness and my passion.

Playfulness, and also very playful, smiling but listen up the main features of my character.

For that pleasure is shared, I would like to meet gentlemen thirty or more, but never less.

Like me, he will appreciate languorous preliminaries, like me, he will be a passionate lover.

I agree with friendly games, who like to take their time.

Hope to meet you,


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