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Ines Dating men women couples near gien 7/7 13pm to 18pm Orléans

Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
Code Postal: 45000

Welcome to my ad and thank you for reading til the end.

Pretty blonde blue eyes, motivated, gentle, smiling and discreetly receives you at home near Gien (18 km), near Orleans ( 50 km) close to Montargis (35km) for relaxation.

All in a discreet and clean place! I receive every day of the week between 13h and 18h ! The appointment will last 1 hour for a courteous man, clean, discreet and friendly

If my ad interests you, then contact me by sms or email only. I do not respond to calls for more discretion ...

Picture of my face on request after having sent a photo of yourself ...

PS: Po the large number of sms and mails , PICTURE OF YOUR FACE IS A MUST. Thank you for wanting for an appointment and know what you want ! I have no time to lose, you neither! Avoid being paranoid or want to know everything about my life ! Here you are on my ad , I am offering a special service, nothing else! Avoid unnecessary or irrelevant topics ! If no response from me to sms or e- mails is that I 'm not interested , do not bother to insist on harassing me ... In the end it's always me who decides the appointment and conduct of this one ! I am neither an object nor a piece of meat, I'm head shoulders, whether you like it or not! Thank you for taking the time to read my ad ... And I wish you good dating!



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