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Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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Brunhilde, libertine French bubbly brunette, nice quarantine and refined

1.67 m, 57 kg, graceful and sensual curves with a nice, firm breasts 90 C, my smooth skin, usually tan (summer) is very soft. Elegance and femininity are two of my character traits.

Occasional escort, very discreet, I am at your disposal to support you in your evenings, afternoons, business dinners and be your assistant, secretary, colleague or simply your lover or mistress.

Getting to know during a lunch or a snack at any complicity before going sensual share together and Personals delicacies in the alcove of a hotel room. I also enjoy the company of two men.

Encountering little, I am very selective, I prefer my gentlemens services for over 35 years, gallant, courteous and respectful.

My attire range from '' working girl '' very sexy. To satisfy your desires, I have a collection of shoes and stiletto sandals I can wear in the privacy of a room (I like, but I can not walk in 'Louboutins''). I have a predilection for the low. I usually wear thongs but I also love the disorder caused by going out to meet the unknown without below.

I move on Rouen and surroundings. Socializing as I need to organize myself so that every encounter is at the height of your desires. My appointments are fixed at least 48 hours in advance, ideally one week to the next.
My weekend s being reserved for my private life, we meet on weekdays

Contact me by mail only. I answer all the extent of their correction. Some information about yourself (age, body measurements, nationality) are welcome.

I do not meet the language sms messages, misspelled, the 'you' is also automatically prohibitive.

Hope to meet you soon

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