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Antinea pretty escort lady Marseille

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I speak only are men 45 years or older respectful thank you to respect .......................

Hi, I have always been a sincere woman, people who believed in their fair values. Unfortunately when it comes to s life with someone one must not hide the face, I like beautiful things, I love the class and luxury, I do not only look for a man who has the means, but a charming man, who knows how to behave and who like the same things as me and it is true that a not very cultured man who didnt means and who is not ambitious, which can just happy is to whom and seek no more for me c is not possible. So yes a man who has the means, but a man also savoring and recognizes the right things, a grown man, meaning, intelligent, everything in its time I sail me the face for a long time, I made for the luxury c is in me!

for all reasons I decided to offer my escort services, and why be escorted by only one man, unhappily married I want to be able to fill it but keep my freedom and everything we find a 2 way to grow in a sincere and honest relationship, if that appeals to you I expect you, let me 1 email my answer will be provided !!!!!!!!!
Man disrespectful and not serious I would not give you away that is next ...

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