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Alejandro new male escort Nice

Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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Cette annonce n'est pas payée. S'il vous plaît, contactez une autre personne !
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My name is Alejandro, I'm male escort or gentleman escort for ladies (only) on Monaco and its surroundings.

Passion and kindness are my guidelines, is often described me as open, charming, simple, natural, attentive and well-behaved. I am not a "Don Juan" nor a lady-killer, but just a man very comfortable with women who loves to fulfill their desires and fantasies. It is these qualities that have brought me to the vocation of male escort.

Physically: I measure 1'70 meter, weighs 60 pounds, I'm pretty thin but well drawn. I shorn brown hair, brown eyes with a deep look. Some scars and tattoos can give me a bad boy kind even though I am very gentle and I can take a certain elegance.

I am willing to keep you company for:
* Spend an evening, night and / or a weekend with head head
* You in your parties, dinners, cocktails, and all your leisure (cultural events, art, walks, shopping, sports, ect ...)
* Offer a listening ear who will listen with interest, while maintaining the utmost discretion and confidentiality at all that we can share together
* Enjoy a massage tailored to your every need, relaxation has sensuality or erotic massages to more "hot" again.
It's your choice, I will fill your needs without ever surpass a true gentleman (hygiene rigor and protections for all encounters)

I do only outcalls:
* For a first date, for safety measures and hygiene, this one is always in a public place or minimum *** hotel at your expense

I am looking forward to be able to answer all your questions for a possible meeting. I do not answer anonymous calls, do not hesitate to leave me a message, I will call you back as soon as possible.

See you soon.


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